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Would you like to find a restaurant in Seville where you could enjoy the best of our gastronomy in a privileged enclave and with wonderful views? Our restaurant Casa Carmen Sevilla has all this and more. Know everything that this gastronomic establishment can offer you! The entire historic center of Seville has a special charm.

The mixture of architectural styles, the art of the people who inhabit it, the stories that took place in its streets and above all that light that can only be found in the Andalusian capital are some of the many reasons why thousands of national and Foreigners decide to visit this city. However, there are two monuments that stand out for their unique beauty: the Giralda and the Torre del Oro, both emblems of the city of Seville that are located on the left bank of the Guadalquivir River.

The Giralda, a World Heritage Site, is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa María in the city of Seville and for centuries was the tallest tower in Spain and one of the most famous in Europe. The Tower of the Gold, for its part, receives its name due to the golden glow that reflected on the river and was built by order of the governor almohade of Seville, Abù l-Ulà.

Just halfway between both architectural gems is our restaurant Casa Carmen Sevilla, presuming to have one of the most incredible views of the whole city since, in addition, from its interior terrace you can see the Tower of Silver, an old defensive tower Which was linked to the Torre del Oro through the wall that cordoned off the town. Can you imagine better views to enjoy a meal or dinner?


Calle Santander nº15

41001 Sevilla

+854 70 86 09

Nevertheless, the location of our restaurant in Seville, which is specifically located on Calle Santander nº15, is not the main reason why dozens of diners come daily to their dining room, the key to the success of the Casa Carmen Sevilla restaurant is in the quality of your kitchen.

With a varied menu that can be found from the most typical dishes of our gastronomy to the typical stews from regions as far as the eastern countries, Casa Carmen Sevilla surprises by the extraordinary taste of all its dishes.

Entrées, salads, vegetarian dishes, meats, fish and desserts that melt in the palate generating a gastronomic experience of the first level. The professionalism of its cooks with a long career is essential to make each dish a real treat.

The waiters who attend our restaurant Casa Carmen Sevilla also show great professionalism, constantly advising customers on what dishes to choose or with which drinks to accompany them.

In addition, the decoration and the cozy atmosphere of Casa Carmen Sevilla are other aspects that contribute to this restaurant in Seville has consolidated as one of the best in the city. Moreover, is that at Casa Carmen Sevilla are taken into account the needs of all types of customers.

For children have a special menu that suits their tastes and preferences, for vegetarians have created a series of dishes made with natural ingredients, for the most innovative has included in the menu stews that intermingle flavors and gastronomy while the most classic can delight with traditional Spanish dishes. That is why we can safely say that Casa Carmen Sevilla is a restaurant suitable for all kinds of palates.

Open 365 days a year from 12:00 to 16:30 and from 19:00 to 23:30 hours, it is always recommended to book before going to the establishment with the aim of securing a table and avoid long waits. You can book at Casa Carmen Sevilla through its telephone number, +854 70 86 09, or via email,

If you are looking for a restaurant in Seville, do not hesitate and bet on the quality and sophistication that only Casa Carmen Sevilla can offer you. We guarantee it will be worth it!


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