We welcome you to our website where you can see all our establishments located in different cities of Spain, as well as their menus and pictures of the premises. At Casa Carmen you will enjoy a warm and close atmosphere, a personalized treatment and you can spend a pleasant evening with friends and family.
About us
Casa Carmen is a group of restaurants contrasted and dynamic, in continuous growth and with a very solid base. The objective of our restaurants is to give a quality product always in varied menus, cratfed and in constant change.

Our team is trained and prepared to serve you in the most accommodating and effective way. The careful decoration of our premises, makes your stay pleasant and comfortable, both for large groups and for dinners or family meals.

We have daily menu, menu for groups and an exceptional menu that has numerous and succulent dishes. In addition, we think of the little ones so they can also enjoy children's dishes. At Casa Carmen you will have the opportunity to delight your palate and spend a pleasant moment


Our team is highly qualified to ensure that the time you spend with us is of the best quality. We want our clients to have an excellent experience in our premises; that is why our professionals work seven days a week to meet all your needs.


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